Wednesday, 13 May 2009


For a new project at uni we have been given the task of illustrating a short story. From the choice of three, I decided to illustrate 'Empire', a story about a man who is no more than tumbleweed, rolling through his life with things that just seem to happen with no feeling or foresight.

As the main character annoyed me to my very core, I decided to use his descriptions of what is happening around him and the characters involved in his frustratingly numb existence. These are really interesting and summon up amazing imagery while reading.

The one you see above is a response to the descriptions he gives about a group of army guys drinking beer, shuffling cards and roaring with laughter. I decided to take the approach to my drawing with imagination rather than reality, using characters and symbols to create an image as well as stick to line drawing.

At first it looks like a crazily busy drawing, but on closer inspection, the picture shows the sergeant as a lion, emphasizing the 'roaring with laughter', as well as a broken heart on one of the cards having a broken heart, symbolising the adultery. My inspiration comes from how Ralph Steadman always illustrates his ideas through his imaginatiuon, making them incredibly interesting to look at and explore.


Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Credentials Project

Here is the final for my credentials package for university. I shall be printing the design on all sorts of colours to send off to various agencies, companies etc, looking for work placements or live projects... htt...